Let Your Work Flows with No Code Automations

Get rid of time wasted on recurring tasks and focus on your "real" work. Create endless automation combinations using drag-and-drop tools to build your workflows, schedule tasks, and set reminders effortlessly.


Don’t Waste Your Time on Redundant Work Anymore

Automate repetitive tasks with built-in templates or customize them to fit your needs. Save valuable time and focus on high-impact work.

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Triggers: When You Want

Choose from built-in events or customize yours to trigger automation actions. Initiate your automation with just a few clicks.


Actions: What You Want

Define automatic tasks that follow your triggers. Create documents, send notifications, and more, all with simple drag and drop.


Conditions: Set Your Flow

Add logic to your automations. Set conditions based on data, dates, or user inputs to fine-tune the workflow's behavior.

Built-in or Customized:
Create Automations without Code

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