Combine ALL Your Favorite Tools From One Place

Protect your knowledge base by importing your data and managing all your apps from one single place.

Docyrus API

Docyrus API

Integrate Your Business Data with Docyrus

  • Utilize our Local API to connect your existing business tools and applications.
  • Automate workflows, synchronize data, and streamline processes for enhanced efficiency.
  • Enable real-time data transfer and updates between Docyrus and your other systems.
  • Automatically create tasks or items in Docyrus based on triggers from other apps.
  • Sync customer data between Docyrus and your CRM system.
  • Update task statuses in Docyrus when changes occur in your project management tool.
Docyrus for Google Workspace

Docyrus for Google Workspace

Sync with All Google Tools in One Place

  • Access Google Drive files directly within Docyrus, ensuring easy document management.
  • Edit Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides right from the Docyrus interface, promoting efficient collaboration.
  • Sync Google Calendar events with Docyrus tasks, keeping your schedule organized.
  • Real-time collaboration on Google files with your team, reducing version control issues.
  • Unified task and event management by syncing Google Calendar with Docyrus.
  • Integrate Gmail to transform emails into tasks, ensuring important communications are acted upon effectively.
Docyrus for Microsoft 365

Docyrus for Microsoft 365

Enhanced Productivity with Microsoft Tools

  • Attach and access files from OneDrive or SharePoint directly in Docyrus, simplifying document handling.
  • Edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files seamlessly from the Docyrus platform.
  • Integrate with Outlook to transform emails into tasks, keeping your inbox organized.
  • Streamlined document collaboration using Microsoft tools within the Docyrus environment.
  • Task creation from Outlook emails, ensuring important information is captured.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams to centralize communication, task management, and collaboration in one workspace.