Collaborate Till You Make It

Read on to discover how you can improve the efficiency of your teamwork by using collaborative techniques and reduce stress levels of them.

Şule Aktuğ

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

Henry Ford

One sailor's efforts are never enough to move a ship. The entire crew must work together in harmony. A good command of collaboration and clear communication is a key factor in the success of most businesses. If the bond within the team is strong, the work will be strong and enduring too. This bond can be built upon using certain techniques and simply by being aware of human psychology.

Here are some collaboration tips to help build stronger teams and boost team productivity:

Collaboration Tools

First things first, effective collaboration and communication go hand in hand. Initially, everyone must ensure that they are on the same page. Collaboration tools are essential for managing work digitally these days. These tools allow you to communicate with team members, manage tasks within a team project, track progress at each stage, quickly access necessary files and documents, and offer many other features to make teamwork easier. You just need to decide which one is most suitable for your team.

Since each team has unique business needs, it is essential that a collaboration platform allows customization according to team’s preferences. With its easy-to-use no-code tools, Docyrus is a flexible platform that enables teams to use what is best for them to collaborate better and easier.

Here's what you can do for a successful collaboration with Docyrus:

Use Visuals to Communicate Complex Ideas

Use different view options to conceptualize your ideas, such as Kanban Board.

A big part of collaboration involves sharing ideas and having discussions on how to work more effectively. During brainstorming meetings, using visual boards or graphs can be very helpful in understanding the context and concrete abstract ideas. 

Docyrus offers a variety of view and visualization options, such as kanban, treelist, and flowchart, that can be tailored to meet different needs. Additionally, for long-term projects that involve multiple stages, the mind map view can be particularly useful as it simplifies ideas by presenting the entire picture in a clear and organized manner.

Regular Feedbacks

Regular feedback is essential for improving the quality and efficiency of work. Objective feedback helps identify areas for improvement and prevents repeating mistakes. By adding comments to shared drafts in Docyrus, team members can collaborate and build together, providing feedback that enhances the entire process.

Team-Building Activities

Group activities can reduce stress levels, strengthen bonds, and build trust within the team.

Team spirit doesn't just come from working and achieving together, it also comes from spending time together and having some fun! Getting to know your colleagues on a deeper level and engaging in team-building activities from time to time is really important, especially for remote working teams. Team members can sometimes feel disconnected from their work due to the distance, so it's a good idea to plan activities such as retreats to help them feel more relaxed together. These kinds of group activities can reduce stress levels, strengthen bonds, and build trust within the team. 

Embrace Flexible Work Arrangements

According to a survey of approximately 40,000 employees from 33 different companies, more than half of the respondents (specifically, 62%) felt that remote work had a positive impact on their level of engagement. When employees are satisfied with their working conditions and environment, they are likely to experience less stress and work more productively. 

Embracing flexible work arrangements can be beneficial in terms of work-life balance, and it's better to not limit employees to a certain way of working. Allowing employees to work remotely can improve their overall well-being and lead to better performance, which benefits both the employees and the companies they work for.